Modern Firearms Technology


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34 Component Parts

The GLOCK “Safe Action”® pistol is manufactured with only 34 component parts, a significantly lower number of parts than the semi-automatic pistol designs of GLOCK’s competitors. This smaller number of component parts increases reliability by reducing the potential for technical problems. The cost associated with spare parts inventory is reduced, which contributes to the lower overall maintenance costs for the life of the GLOCK pistol.

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Parts Interchangeability

The component parts of any specific model of GLOCK pistol are 100% interchangeable. A significant level of interchangeability applies to the internal component parts of the different GLOCK pistol models. This high level of interchangeability is achieved through state of the art technology and computerized manufacturing processes combined with exacting quality control procedures.

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Field Stripping / Disassembly / Reassembly

The design of GLOCK modern firearms enables them to be field stripped without tools in seconds. A qualified GLOCK armorer can completely disassemble and reassemble a GLOCK pistol in minutes with a simple pin punch. These simple disassembly and reassembly procedures minimize the time and costs required for armorers to maintain the pistol.


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Ergonomic Design

The GLOCK pistol is easy to operate, particularly under stress. The lower bore axis of GLOCK pistols increases accuracy by reducing recoil and muzzle rise. The natural grip design allows for instinctive pointing and faster acquisition of the sight picture, while the hammerless design minimizes the possibility of snagging clothes and other objects while being carried concealed. The extractor on the GLOCK pistol acts as a Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI). Its position may visually and physically indicate whether there is a cartridge in the chamber of the pistol.

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Back Straps

The GLOCK Modular Back Strap System enables the pistol to adapt to an individual shooter’s hand size. Installing and removing the back straps is a simple procedure and adding or removing a back strap does not change the grip angle of the pistol. Unlike other pistol grip systems on the market, the smallest size back strap on the GLOCK pistol is fully integrated in the frame, keeping the pistol fully functional even when all optional back straps are removed.

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Reversible Magazine Release

The magazine release can be reversed to be operated from either the left or right side of a GLOCK pistol.


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GLOCK uniquely combines a highly resistant, non-fiberglass reinforced polymer frame with a revolutionary pistol design, thereby reducing total pistol weight and significantly increasing durability. GLOCK polymer material is resistant to different climatic conditions, corrosion free, color-stable, resistant to lubricants, absorbs recoil and is easy to maintain.

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Advanced Rifling

The GLOCK polygonal barrel rifling reduces wear and tear on the barrel and creates better bullet-to-barrel fit. This minimizes barrel residue and produces consistent and increased bullet velocity, resulting in enhanced accuracy.

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Surface Treatment

GLOCK applies advanced surface treatments on major metal components, resulting in slightly less than diamond hardness. This considerably reduces wear and tear on these metal components and makes them corrosion resistant, even when operating in saltwater conditions. The matte black surface minimizes light reflection—an advantage in tactical circumstances.

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GLOCK modern firearms combine high quality materials, advanced engineering, precision manufacturing and strict quality controls. These advantages help GLOCK pistols earn recognition as one of the most durable pistols on the market. The GLOCK pistol has been adopted by approximately 65% of U.S. law enforcement agencies, due in large part to its durability, including its ability to function in diverse environmental conditions.

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Magazine Construction

GLOCK uses a unique polymer coating to create a durable and reliable pistol magazine. This coating reduces the impact on the magazine lips and body if dropped and protects the internal metal frame from corrosion. The unique construction of GLOCK pistols allows for high magazine capacity relative to its physical size.

“Safe Action”®

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“Safe Action”® System

GLOCK’s revolutionary “Safe Action”® System provides a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. The three automatic independently operating mechanical safeties are built into the fire control system of the pistol. All three safeties disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically reengage when the trigger is released. This safe, simple and fast system allows the user to concentrate fully on tactical tasks, particularly while under stress. It is safe if dropped and functional at temperatures from -40° to 122° Fahrenheit.

Firing Sequence / Trigger Reset - Video

Firing Sequence / Trigger Reset

A special feature of the “Safe Action”® System allows the trigger to “reset” with only limited forward movement of the trigger. It is not necessary for the user to completely release the trigger in order to fire a second controlled shot or when there is a need to fire several rounds quickly. After a round is fired, it is only necessary to release the trigger until it “resets,” which can be heard and felt. This “reset” feature of the “Safe Action”® System enables subsequent shots to be fired quickly and accurately. All three pistol safeties automatically reengage when the user releases the trigger to its forward position.

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Trigger Safety

The trigger safety is a lever incorporated into the trigger. When the trigger safety is in the forward position it blocks the trigger from moving rearward. The trigger safety and the trigger must be fully depressed at the same time to fire the pistol. If the trigger safety is not depressed, the trigger will not move rearward and allow the pistol to fire. The trigger safety is designed to protect against firing if the pistol is dropped or the trigger is subjected to lateral pressure.

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Firing Pin Safety

The firing pin safety mechanically blocks the firing pin from moving forward in the ready-to-fire condition. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar pushes the firing pin safety up and frees the firing pin channel. If the user decides not to fire and releases the trigger, the firing pin safety automatically reengages.

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Drop Safety

The trigger bar rests on the safety ramp within the trigger mechanism housing. The trigger bar engages the rear portion of the firing pin and prevents the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger is pulled rearward the trigger bar lowers down the safety ramp and allows the release of the firing pin. After firing, the trigger bar moves upward and reengages the firing pin. As the trigger is released all safeties automatically reengage.