Donations & Sponsorships

Donations & Sponsorships

Proudly Supporting the Community

The focus of GLOCK’s philanthropic work is to use firearm safety education to make the communities we call home better and safer.

We support efforts to create programs that help to educate and reduce the levels of violence in our society, which is a fundamental part of a gun owner's lifestyle.

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What We Support

GLOCK supports those programs, services, and events that relate to the expressed goals of safe and responsible ownership of firearms, supporting the efforts to care for those that go into harm’s way, and supporting the efforts of those that create worthwhile value to the communities they serve to reduce gun violence. We prefer requests from programs, services, and events that have a social media presence or web site.

What We Do Not Support

Unfortunately, GLOCK cannot support all charitable events and causes. We will not respond to requests for product or accessories for personal use. We will not respond to requests where the goal of the giving fails to meet GLOCK’s stated goals.


Tell Us About Your Event

We understand there are a countless number of organizations that are doing good for their communities. If you would like to be considered to receive promotional GLOCK merchandise to support your event, please email us at

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