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The GLOCK was born to be customized. Check out these accessories

Tactical Lights

GLOCK Tactical Lights present a solution for practically all conceivable target illumination situations. In close cooperation with top-ranking Special Operations groups, GLOCK developed a set of tactical light units based on modern microelectronics. This modern technology delivers the well-known GLOCK advantages to the user: safety, reliability and tactical superiority.


GLOCK holsters deliver safe, simple and fast operating systems built with trusted durable polymer materials. The GLOCK holsters deliver a range of function from being easily concealable to highly secure. All GLOCK holsters deliver superior function and comfort. No bells, no whistles, just perfection.

Magazine Pouch

The GLOCK magazine pouch is made from the same highly durable polymer that you have come to depend on. The pouch has an innovative contoured design that allows for magazine retention without the need for any straps giving you greater speed and simplicity. The pouch can handle all GLOCK pistol model magazines excluding the G36.

Speed Loader

The GLOCK speed loader, included in the standard pistol set, simplifies loading even when loading high capacity magazines. This sturdy design is made from the durable GLOCK polymer.