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Marietta Police Department First To Adopt GLOCK 42

SMYRNA, Ga. — February 18, 2014 —

Today GLOCK, Inc. announced that the Marietta Police Department is the first law enforcement agency to issue the new GLOCK 42 as a back-up and off-duty weapon to its officers.

Chief Dan Flynn and a group of firearms instructors from the Marietta Police Department took possession of 100 GLOCK 42 handguns during a press conference at GLOCK Headquarters in Smyrna, Ga. The department was able to exchange used GLOCK 27s purchased in 1998 for new GLOCK 42s through GT Distributors, a GLOCK authorized law enforcement dealer.

“The Marietta Police Department has carried GLOCKs for a long time, and we’re proud to be the first department to adopt the G42,” said Flynn. “These new pistols work the same way as the officers’ primary weapon (GLOCK 22), so the training will be a natural transition when our officers begin qualifying with them tomorrow.”

The GLOCK 42 is the smallest and lightest pistol GLOCK has ever introduced, making it easier for police officers to carry and conceal on or off-duty.

“We’ve seen a lot of hype around this new pistol in the law enforcement community,” said Chad Mathis, Vice President, GLOCK, Inc. “Our hope is that once the Marietta Police Department starts training their officers on the range they will spread the word on just how shootable and reliable the G42 proves to be.”

The GLOCK 42 was announced in January at the 2014 SHOT Show for both commercial and law enforcement use. This .380-caliber pistol is a unique addition to GLOCK’s ever-expanding line of safe, simple, and fast firearms.


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The GLOCK GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of pistols and accessories. GLOCK's superior engineering has produced a pistol with only 34 parts and a rugged polymer-frame, providing industry-leading reliability shot after shot. GLOCK is renowned for its pistols which are safe, featuring three safeties; simple, offering a low number of components to provide reliability; and fast, with no encumbering parts to slow the speed to fire. This combination makes GLOCK pistols the first choice among consumers and law enforcement, with approximately 65 percent of agencies within the United States choosing to carry GLOCK. Austrian-engineered, the group has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Austria. Based in Smyrna, Ga., GLOCK, Inc. is an advocate for our nation's law enforcement and military personnel, as well as all citizens' Second Amendment right to bear arms. For more information, please visit