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GLOCK Awards Marietta Police Department for Partnering in the GLOCK Safety Pledge Drive

July 18, 2014 —


GLOCK Awards Marietta Police Department for Partnering in the GLOCK Safety Pledge Drive 

Marietta, GA – July 18, 2014 – Executives from GLOCK, Inc. Traveled to Marietta City Hall on Wednesday to Recognize the Marietta Police Department for their Outstanding Representation of Public Safety Awareness in Partnership with GLOCK’s Gun Safety Campaign.

GLOCK launched June National Safety Month with an online pledge drive to promote gun safety and awareness to the general public. GLOCK asked for the community and the industry to join them in making the same commitment to safety, which they uphold and is at the core of GLOCK Confidence. 


“At GLOCK, we don’t just sell guns – we sell responsibilities.” Stated Chad Mathis, GLOCK VP, at the ceremony on Wednesday afternoon. “Though June Safety Month is over, we have a continued responsibility to the commitment of public awareness and safety education. Because of the participation of partners like the Marietta PD, GLOCK has reached nearly one million people with this campaign.” 

In an effort to bring in partners to the campaign, GLOCK ran a “friendly” competition between law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Though the results of the competition were extraordinarily close, the Marietta Police Department stepped up to the plate and took the competition.  Their outreach to the community made a fundamental impact on the campaign.  “We appreciate the effort and the vigor that this department dedicated to our pledge – but more importantly, to the cause,” stated Mathis.


“Over the past few years, more than 2,500 gun safety locks were given out at the gun safety awareness seminars that drew over 1,500 community members to attend. At these seminars, we really wanted to hammer home the topic of responsible gun ownership,” announced Lt. Jake King of the MPD.

GLOCK presented the award for recognition of outstanding representation of public safety awareness and responsibility to officers of the MPD before an audience of MPD officers, GLOCK affiliates, community members, and local media. 

Also in attendance was GLOCK spokesman, R. Lee Ermey, more widely known as “The Gunny.”  A staunch proponent of responsible gun ownership, Ermey also thanked the MPD and reminded the crowd of eighty or so of the Four Basic Rules of Gun Safety.

Other partners who contributed to the overall success of the GLOCK Safety Campaign were Project ChildSafe, an affiliate of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and the Castle Rock, CO Police Department, and the Cottage Grove, MN Police Department.




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