GLOCK Timeline

  • > 1963
    GLOCK KG is founded by engineer Gaston Glock. The company produces a variety of plastic and steel parts.
  • > 1970s
    The first military products are developed and produced including field knives, training hand grenades and machinegun belt links.
  • > 1980
    GLOCK receives a formal invitation from the Austrian Army to develop a new service sidearm. GLOCK Ges.m.b.H is formed.
  • > 1981
    The revolutionary, semi-automatic GLOCK service pistol—with polymer receiver and new “Safe Action”® System—is born. In addition, production starts on a field knife with a saw.
  • > 1982
    Commissioned by the Austrian Army, GLOCK competes in a battery of comprehensive and crucial testing exercises against international competition. Contract awarded to GLOCK!
  • > 1983
    GLOCK delivers first order of 30,000, G17 9x19 pistols to the Austrian Army. Development of GLOCK spade begins.
  • > 1984
    The GLOCK G17 pistol became standard issue for the Norwegian Army, its first NATO member country, and deliveries begin to the Norwegian Army.
  • > 1985
    Export marketing activities are intensified and the first subsidiary in the United States is formed.
  • > 1986
    The engineering, innovations, and durability of GLOCK pistols immediately capture the attention of both the U.S. law enforcement and commercial markets.
  • > 1987
    GLOCK develops the G18 "Select Fire" machine pistol—the smallest machine pistol in the world. Plant #2 in Ferlach/ Austria is inaugurated.
  • > 1988
    A second subsidiary is formed in Hong Kong to coordinate sales and marketing activities for Asia/Oceania. Production begins on the G19 Compact, and G17L Competition pistols.
  • > 1989
    The demand for GLOCK products increases exponentially and results in exports to more than 45 countries worldwide (special forces, police, and military). More than 350,000 pistols have been sold since 1982, and approximately 2,000 U.S. police departments are carrying 150,000 on duty.
  • > 1990
    A third subsidiary is formed in South America to coordinate sales and marketing activities for Latin/Central America and the Caribbean. Production begins on the G22 and G23 .40 pistol models. Plant #1 is expanded in Deutsch-Wagram.
  • > 1991
    Production begins on the G20, 10mm Auto pistol, and the G21, .45 Auto pistol comes into series production by mid-year.
  • > 1994
    Production begins on the G24 and G24C, chambered in .40.
  • > 1995
    Production begins on the G25, .380 Auto. In addition, production begins on subcompact models; the G26, 9x19, and the G27, .40.
  • > 1996
    Production begins on the G28, .380 Auto. Also, the G17T is introduced-the training pistol for marking and target cartridges.
  • > 1997
    Production begins on the G29, 10mm Auto, and the G30, .45 Auto. Plus, work is completed on the extension of the GLOCK Production Hall #1 in Ferlach, while construction for the new headquarters in Deutsch-Wagram commences.
  • > 1998
    Production begins on the .357, G31, G32, and G33 pistols, as well as compensated models G31C and G32C. In addition, production begins on the G34, 9x19, and the G35, .40. These models are designed in strict accordance with IPSC regulations.
  • > 1999
    Production begins on the “Slimline” model G36, .45 Auto, and the training pistol G17T AC, 7.8x21 caliber-now equalling 5 training models for different applications and environmental conditions. GLOCK presents the 2 millionth pistol at the Shot Show in Atlanta GA, USA.
  • > 2000
    Construction is completed on the new GLOCK headquarters in Deutsch-Wagram.
  • > 2001
    In response to some states’ laws, production begins on GLOCK models with integrated key locks.
  • > 2002
    Production begins on GLOCK Tactical Lights, and a complete product line of aiming and lighting modules—including visible and invisible lasers-is launched.
  • > 2004
    GLOCK introduces complete pistol line—standard, compact, and subcompact—in .45 G.A.P., delivering decisive firepower.
  • > 2006
    Celebration of 20 Years of Perfection in the USA.
  • > 2007
    Production begins on the GLOCK SF (Short Frame) pistols in .45 Auto and 10mm Auto. GLOCK reaches a significant milestone by selling a total of 5 million pistols worldwide.
  • > 2009
    Production begins on GLOCK Gen4 pistol models in several calibers and sizes.
  • > 2010
    Dedicated to continuously pursuing perfection in engineering and function, GLOCK introduces the Gen4 pistol in the G17, G19, G26, G31, G22, G23, G27, G35, and G37 models.
  • > 2011
    GLOCK celebrates its Silver Anniversary—25 Years of Perfection in the USA.
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