Ashley Rheuark

Ashley Rheuark

"I am excited to be a part of Team GLOCK and I am looking forward to working with such great pistols and a great brand. My goals are to continue to train and excel to become the best female shooter possible while representing the GLOCK brand and inspire young women who are entering the sport." — Ashley Rheuark

Meet Ashley

Ashley was first introduced to shooting at age 10 while out hunting with her dad. After discovering her natural skill with a rifle, Ashley attended a basic pistol class, sparking her passion for the sport of competitive shooting. Her dad purchased her first pistol, a GLOCK 19, and Ashley fell in love instantly. Rheuark has won numerous titles, including IDPA Lady World Champion and USPSA STI Ladies National Champion, and became the first female IDPA Distinguished Master.

Ashley attributes her success so far to a lot of practice and hard work at the range and support from her sponsors and family. She enjoys being a part of Team GLOCK because she's able to inspire young shooters and work with a company that strives for perfection with a quality product.

When Ashley is not at the range training or competing, she enjoys cooking, playing the piano, watching a good movie, and visiting the beach.

Notable Wins


  • IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals Champion
  • USPSA Multigun Nationals Tactical Lady Champion
  • World Speed Shooting Championship High Lady Production & Carry Optics
  • USPSA IPSC Nationals Production Optics High Lady
  • IPSC Rifle World Shoot High Lady Champion


  • Steel Challenge Lady National Champion
  • Area 7 High Lady Production


  • USPSA Carry Optics Lady National Champion
  • USPSA Production Lady National Champion
  • IDPA ESP Lady National Champion
  • Steel Challenge High Lady Production
  • Steel Challenge High Lady Carry Optics


  • Florida Open Limited Division Champion
  • USPSA Area 1 Limited Division Champion
  • USPSA Area 7 Limited Division Champion
  • USPSA Area 5 Carry Optics Champion
  • USPSA Area 8 Limited Division Champion
  • 2015

  • IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals Champion

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