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Welcome to GLOCK University, a place for higher handgun education. Below you'll find professional instruction on getting the most from your GLOCK pistol. Select basic training for GLOCK shooting fundamentals or advanced training for more advanced techniques.








    Field Stripping




    Grip Stance Sight Acquisition






    History of GLOCK

    How it all started

    Gaston GLOCK, an Austrian engineer, successful businessman and manufacturer of injection molding parts and components, founded GLOCK Ges.m.b.H in 1963.

    In 1970, the company took its first foray into the military and law enforcement market by developing a line of knives and grenade casings for the Austrian military.

    The company’s fortunes changed in 1980 during a conversation with two Austrian colonels. Mr. GLOCK engaged them regarding the Army’s requirements for the development of a new pistol. With no experience in firearms design and manufacturing, Mr. GLOCK went to work to create the "perfect" firearm.

    First of its kind

    Mr. GLOCK was building the pistol for the Austrian military and law enforcement, which meant the gun had to be ready to fire at a moment’s notice in life-threatening situations. To address this critical need, Mr. GLOCK designed his pistol with three internal safeties – the trigger, firing pin and drop safeties – to provide assurance that the pistol would consistently perform when called upon, while providing best-in-class protection against accidental discharge.

    Mr. GLOCK met additional requirements of the Austrian government by including a high-capacity magazine, lightweight materials, consistent trigger pull, and a hammer-forged barrel. Mr. GLOCK understood reliability resided in simplicity, and therefore, he designed his pistol with as few parts as possible, minimizing its complexity. Today, the GLOCK pistol is made from only 34 parts, which is significantly fewer than any other pistol made. With fewer parts, GLOCK "SAFE ACTION"® pistols are more durable, reliable and easier to maintain.

    Tested and trusted by the best

    Mr. GLOCK’s innovative design successfully passed a series of stringent tests against domestic and international competitors. In 1983, the GLOCK pistol was accepted by the Austrian army as their new service pistol.

    Shortly thereafter, in 1984, the GLOCK 17 soundly passed the NATO durability test. As a result, the pistol was selected by the Norwegian army as their standard sidearm, putting GLOCK on the road to becoming the preferred international sidearm.

    In November 1986, the company opened its U.S. headquarters, GLOCK, Inc., in Smyrna, Georgia

    The GLOCK pistol would soon be available in multiple sizes and accept different caliber ammunition. This combination, partnered with the simplicity and reliability of Mr. GLOCK's design, revolutionized the law enforcement industry.

    In 2012, approximately 65% of federal, state and local agencies in the United States have been issued GLOCK pistols.


    GLOCK Today


    Thanks to a 25-year legacy of performance, durability and reliability, the GLOCK brand is a symbol of confidence among law enforcement professionals, gun enthusiasts and consumers alike throughout the United States.

    GLOCK pistols were engineered to be safe, simple to shoot and maintain, and ready to perform when called upon. This combination produces confidence for the owners of GLOCK pistols.


    GLOCK aims to keep you and your loved ones safe. It is a trusted, reliable solution that performs when needed.

    Consumers seeking personal defense can rest assured that GLOCK pistols will fire when the system is engaged, but will not fire unintentionally. GLOCK believes that responsible gun ownership begins with gun safety training. The "SAFE


    GLOCK performance and reliability has been proven by professionals. It is the longest-performing polymer pistol in the United States with a track record of unparalleled reliability and durability. U.S. law enforcement agencies quickly adopted GLOCK as their service pistol of choice because it was lighter, more reliable, easier to maintain, and carried more rounds than conventional sidearms. Today, law enforcement agencies trust GLOCK to deliver the reliability and firepower necessary to protect their officers in the line of duty.


    GLOCK Professional is committed to being your partner in personal defense through high-quality products, training, events, and customer service.

    GLOCK offers pistols in a variety of sizes and calibers to meet the defensive needs of both law enforcement and civilians alike. Each year, GLOCK Professional hosts hundreds of nationwide training events to better equip armorers and law enforcement in maintaining and using GLOCK pistols.

    GLOCK Professional also offers hands-on events within the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) designed to provide competition for responsible gun owners at every skill level.

    GLOCK customers enjoy industry-leading customer service. Because GLOCK stands behind the engineering and quality of its products, the company works diligently to address any issues that arise.


    Training & Competition

    Armorer training

    Armorer training is very important. Learning how to maintain, service and repair GLOCK pistols properly could literally make a difference between life or death. Any firearm that is incorrectly assembled could lead to an unexpected malfunction, which is why GLOCK firmly believes that anyone servicing a firearm must have factory-certified training.

    GLOCK Professional currently provides factory certification as an ‘armorer’ with a basic and an advanced class throughout the United States and Canada.

    Basic armorer training

    In the basic Armorer’s Class (AC), students learn to maintain and service all GLOCK pistol models. In this one day (8 hr) class, students are taught about the design of the "SAFE ACTION"® System, detailed disassembly and reassembly of all models, recommended service schedules, and parts replacement. Certification is granted for a three year period.

    Visit for class descriptions, the current training schedule and other relevant information.

    Advanced armorer training

    In the Advanced Armorer's Class (AA), students review basic armorer information and progress into more specialized diagnostic and inspection procedures. Students also identify issues and problems set up by instructors for a variety of GLOCK pistols including six different calibers and all four generations of GLOCK firearms. This two day (16 hr) class utilizes past and present GLOCK models. Students receive a five year certification.

    Visit for class descriptions, the current training schedule and other relevant information.

    Law enforcement and military training

    GLOCK Professional offers Armorer, Advanced Armorer and two live-fire shooting classes to law enforcement officers throughout the United States and Canada.

    The Instructor Workshop (IW) class is an open forum where GLOCK Professional instructors and students exchange ideas, range drills and real-world experience on how to most efficiently train large numbers of students on the GLOCK pistol. Class length is two and a half days (20 hrs).

    The G-18 Select-Fire (G18) class is a one-day (8 hr) course, and covers both armorer and operator instruction for the GLOCK Model 18 pistol.

    These classes are only available to law enforcement and military professionals.


    The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) was launched in 1991 as a safe and fun way for beginners, juniors, GLOCK enthusiasts, and professionals to experience family-friendly sport shooting competitions. Eight different divisions, classes and specialty awards ensure that every experience level will find their place at GSSF.

    Designed by accomplished competitors with extensive experience in other shooting disciplines, it’s the perfect way to introduce new shooters to sport shooting. Other than a GLOCK pistol, a few spare magazines, ammunition and eye and ear protection, no other equipment is needed to enjoy a family outing at an ‘action’ shooting event.

    In 2012, GLOCK Professional will host more than 44 outdoor and 225 indoor league matches in the United States and award thousands of prizes including GLOCK pistol certificates, cash and other GLOCK products.

    Visit for current schedules, host locations, rules, courses of fire, and other relevant information.



    The GLOCK "SAFE ACTION"® pistol is manufactured with only 34 component parts, a significantly lower number of parts than the semi-automatic pistol designs of GLOCK’s competitors. This smaller number of component parts increases reliability by reducing the potential for technical problems. The cost associated with spare parts inventory is reduced, which contributes to the lower overall maintenance costs for the life of the GLOCK pistol.


    Modular system

    Every GLOCK has been designed as a modular system giving you the ability to easily exchange parts between varying GLOCK pistols, making it more cost-effective to use and maintain. This high level of interchangeability is achieved through state-of-the-art technology and computerized manufacturing processes combined with exacting quality control procedures.


    Field stripping

    GLOCK pistols are designed to be field stripped without tools into four main component parts: the frame, slide, barrel, and spring. A qualified GLOCK armorer can completely disassemble and reassemble a GLOCK pistol in minutes with a simple pin punch. These simple disassembly and reassembly procedures minimize the time and costs required for armorers to maintain the pistol.


    "SAFE ACTION"® System

    GLOCK’s revolutionary "SAFE ACTION"® System provides a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round. Three automatic and independently-operating mechanical safeties are built into the fire control system of the pistol. All three safeties disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically re-engage when the trigger is released. This safe, simple and fast system allows the user to concentrate fully on tactical tasks, particularly while under stress. It is safe if dropped, and functional at temperatures from -40° to 122° Fahrenheit.


    Trigger safety

    The trigger safety is a lever incorporated into the trigger. When the trigger safety is in the forward position it blocks the trigger from moving rearward. Both the trigger safety and the trigger must be fully depressed at the same time to fire the pistol. If the trigger safety is not depressed, the trigger will not move rearward and allow the pistol to fire. The trigger safety is designed to protect against firing if the pistol is dropped or if the trigger is subjected to lateral pressure.


    Firing pin safety

    The firing pin safety mechanically blocks the firing pin from moving forward in the ready-to-fire condition. As the trigger is pulled rearward, the trigger bar pushes the firing pin safety up and frees the firing pin channel. If the user decides not to fire and releases the trigger, the firing pin safety automatically re-engages.


    Drop safety

    The trigger bar rests on the safety ramp within the trigger mechanism housing. The trigger bar engages the rear portion of the firing pin and prevents the firing pin from moving forward. As the trigger is pulled rearward, the trigger bar lowers down the safety ramp and allows the release of the firing pin. After firing, the trigger bar moves upward and re-engages the firing pin. As the trigger is released all safeties automatically re-engage.


    Trigger reset

    A special feature of the "SAFE ACTION"® System allows the trigger to "reset" with only limited forward movement of the trigger. It is not necessary for the user to completely release the trigger in order to fire a second controlled shot or when there is a need to fire several rounds quickly. After a round is fired, it is only necessary to release the trigger until it "resets", which can be heard and felt. This "reset" feature of the "SAFE ACTION"® System enables subsequent shots to be fired quickly and accurately. All three pistol safeties automatically re-engage when the user releases the trigger to its forward position.


    Ergonomic design

    The GLOCK pistol is easy to operate, particularly under stress. The lower bore axis of GLOCK pistols increases accuracy by reducing recoil and muzzle rise. The natural grip design allows for instinctive pointing and faster acquisition of the sight picture, while the hammerless design minimizes the possibility of snagging clothes and other objects while being carried concealed. The extractor on the GLOCK pistol acts as a Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI). Its position may visually and physically indicate whether there is a cartridge in the chamber of the pistol.



    GLOCK Gen4 pistols have a few key innovations that make the gun suitable for smaller profile hands and varying experience levels: interchangeable backstraps, reversible magazine catch, dual recoil spring assembly, and a rough textured frame.


    Interchangeable backstraps

    The smallest back strap is integrated in the GLOCK MBS frame reducing the trigger distance of the standard Gen3 frame by approximately .08 in. The medium back strap adds approximately .08 in.—equaling the size of a standard Gen3 frame—and the large back strap increases trigger distance by a total of approximately .16 in.


    Reversible magazine catch

    The magazine release catch of the Gen4 is reversible and enlarged. The reversible magazine catch allows users to switch the catch to the left or right side of the pistol with no additional parts.


    Dual recoil assembly

    Internally, the original recoil spring has been replaced with a dual recoil spring assembly. The dual recoil spring assembly noticeably reduces the felt recoil while simultaneously increasing the life span of the assembly.



    GLOCK uniquely combines a highly resistant, non-fiberglass, reinforced polymer frame with a revolutionary pistol design, thereby reducing total pistol weight and significantly increasing durability. GLOCK polymer material is resistant to different climatic conditions, corrosion free, color-stable, resistant to lubricants, absorbs recoil, and is easy to maintain.


    Surface treatment

    GLOCK applies advanced surface treatments on major metal components, resulting in slightly less than diamond hardness. This considerably reduces wear and tear on these metal components and makes them corrosion resistant, even when operating in saltwater conditions. The matte black surface minimizes light reflection—an advantage in tactical circumstances.

    Additionally, the Gen4 has a new Rough Textured Frame surface designed to enhance grip traction.


    Advanced rifling

    The GLOCK polygonal barrel rifling reduces wear and tear on the barrel and creates better bullet-to-barrel fit. This minimizes barrel residue and produces consistent and increased bullet velocity, resulting in enhanced accuracy.