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Subcompact | 9x19

The silver nPVD finished slide of the G43X combines its short and slim dimensions to the extended slim frame size of the G48. A perfectly balanced slim fit for nearly all hand sizes with a satisfying magazine capacity and high concealability. The magazine capacity of the slim 01 magazine of the G43X is 10 rounds.

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  1. Length (Overall)**
    165 mm | 6.50 inch
  2. Slide Length
    154 mm | 6.06 inch
  3. Width (Overall)
    28 mm | 1.10 inch
  4. Slide Width
    22 mm | 0.87 inch
  5. Height incl.Mag.
    128 mm | 5.04 inch
  6. Line of Sight (Polymer)
    133 mm | 5.24 inch
    Line of Sight (Steel)
    132 mm | 5.20 inch
    Line of Sight (GNS)
    131 mm | 5.16 inch
  7. Trigger Distance**
    67 mm | 2.64 inch
  • *FOR GEN4/GEN5 MODELS: Check out the Gen5 and Gen4 Technology area for medium/large backstraps

    Technical Data are rounded and do not reflect tolerances – they may be altered without notice! Subject to technical changes.

  • Caliber
  • System
    Safe Action
  • Mag. Capacity
  • Barrel Length
    87 mm | 3.41 inch
  • Weight
    without magazine
    465 g | 16.40 oz
  • Weight
    with empty magazine
    530 g | 18.70 oz
  • Weight
    with loaded magazine*
    654 g | 23.07 oz
  • Trigger Pull**
    24 N

    The size of ammunition the pistol takes.


    The safety mechanism used.

    Magazine Capacity

    How many bullets a standard / extended magazine can hold.

    Barrel Length

    Measured from the front of the barrel to the front of the slide.

    Weight Without Magazine

    The weight of the pistol without a magazine in place.

    Weight (Empty)

    The weight of the pistol with an empty magazine in place.

    Weight (Fully Loaded)

    The total weight of the pistol with a full magazine in place.

    Trigger Pull

    The amount of force needed to pull the trigger.

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