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Standard | 10mm AUTO
The GLOCK 20 SF combines the SF (Short Frame) design with the powerful 10 mm Auto AUTO cartridge making the frame more comfortable and significantly enhancing controllability and accuracy. The SF design reduces the circumference of the receiver at the rear offering increased ease-of-use and control, especially to shooters with smaller hands. The GLOCK 20 SF dimensions also provide a long sight radius for better precision.
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  1. Length (Overall)**
    205 mm | 8.07 inch
  2. Slide Length
    193 mm | 7.60 inch
  3. Width (Overall)
    34 mm | 1.34 inch
  4. Slide Width
    28,5 mm | 1.12 inch
  5. Height incl.Mag.
    140 mm | 5.51 inch
  6. Line of Sight (Polymer)
    172 mm | 6.77 inch
    Line of Sight (Steel)
    171 mm | 6.73 inch
    Line of Sight (GNS)
    170 mm | 6.69 inch
  7. Trigger Distance**
    72,5 mm | 2.85 inch
  • *FOR GEN4/GEN5 MODELS: Check out the Gen5 and Gen4 Technology area for medium/large backstraps

    Technical Data are rounded and do not reflect tolerances – they may be altered without notice! Subject to technical changes.

  • Caliber
    10mm AUTO
  • System
    Safe action
  • Mag. Capacity
  • Barrel Length
    117 mm | 4.61 inch
  • Weight
    without magazine
    775 g | 27.34 oz
  • Weight
    with empty magazine
    865 g | 30.51 oz
  • Weight
    with loaded magazine*
    1125 g | 39.68 oz
  • Trigger Pull**
    28 N

    The size of ammunition the pistol takes.


    The safety mechanism used.

    Magazine Capacity

    How many bullets a standard / extended magazine can hold.

    Barrel Length

    Measured from the front of the barrel to the front of the slide.

    Weight Without Magazine

    The weight of the pistol without a magazine in place.

    Weight (Empty)

    The weight of the pistol with an empty magazine in place.

    Weight (Fully Loaded)

    The total weight of the pistol with a full magazine in place.

    Trigger Pull

    The amount of force needed to pull the trigger.

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