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Whatever Your Objective, GLOCK Has A Firearm With Your Name On It.

Choosing the optimum solution to best serve your requirements is essential. Each GLOCK pistol was conceived and designed to accomplish specific objectives while incorporating all the same characteristics and advantages GLOCK has come to represent. To simplify your decision-making process, we have grouped choices by the 8 markets listed in the right-hand column.

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X g30sf G30 SF
  Standard Compact Subcompact Subcompact Slimline Competition
9 x 19 G17 G19 G26   G34
.40 G22 G23 G27   G35
10mm Auto G20   G29    
.45 Auto G21   G30 G36 G41
.45 G.A.P. G37 G38 G39    
.380 Auto   G25Law Enforcement Only G28Law Enforcement Only G42  
.357 G31 G32 G33    

Special Training
and Practice Models:

Note: These pistols are available
to law enforcement only.

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